People & Change

‘How we do things’ is as important as ‘what we do’

We believe that empowered and engaged employees are the cornerstone of progress.

From strategic planning to leadership development and cultural transformation, we equip organisations with the tools they need to foster an agile and adaptable workforce, enabling them to embrace change confidently.

Through in-depth assessments, data-driven insights, and empathetic understanding, we identify both organisational strengths and areas for further development, to drive improved performance and lasting results.

To embed change effectively, we adopt a test-and-learn approach – trying new things, building on what works, and learning from what doesn’t.

We deliver much more than off-the-shelf solutions, working in partnership to provide a comprehensive and tailored approach, built on best practice.

Their challenge was always constructive, evidence-based and despite in some cases being difficult to hear, framed in such a way as to motivate and inspire commitment to the actions required. [31ten] are experts in their field.

Dan Quin, Surrey Fire & Rescue Service

It has been a genuinely collaborative experience working with 31ten as they advocate, and role model the behaviours that are at the heart of our future OD Strategy.

Anisa Darr, London Borough of Barnet

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