Local government

It’s time to do things differently

Local government has endured years of austerity, rapidly increasing demand, and outdated systems. It has become increasingly clear that traditional salami slicing of budgets won’t do. Some local authorities are meeting the challenge with real innovation, seeing this as an opportunity to change their relationship with residents. They’re also transforming the way they operate and have become self-funding through growth.

All of our consultants have considerable experience advising local governments. We work with your senior team to bring innovative ideas and a flexible, personable approach to your challenges. We can help you move away from cost reduction activities towards ones that promote progressive growth strategies, thinking beyond your traditional boundaries and focusing on how best to use the resources you do have across your local area.

But we know that the market is changing. You want to cherry-pick skills from multiple suppliers and we’re always happy to collaborate with others to deliver your goals.

Illustrating a clear understanding of the specific risks and more general challenges faced by local government, their consultants bring fresh insight, bespoke financial modelling and thoughtful solutions tailored to our needs.

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