Our team

Amar Karia

Amar is an experienced finance professional with extensive experience working within finance teams across local and central government.

His experience spans financial management, systems implementation and financial modelling.

Laura Bridges

Laura has a property, construction, programme and project management background with experience working in both local government and the private sector.

Her experience includes detailed appraisal and review of property portfolios and council owned assets to determine short, medium and long-term plans for property retention, disposal or change of use. She has set up and managed a number of significant property programmes and projects to refurbish, rationalise or improve utilisation of assets and is practiced in managing projects from inception to completion. She has also been involved in the procurement of development partners and investors for significant regeneration projects and delivered the roll out of smart working across council offices. Laura has worked directly for local government but also has a background working in public sector consultancy giving her a range of skills and variety of experience.

Alex Deeming

Alex is an experienced public sector consultant, having worked with local government, public services and central government clients to deliver change and performance improvement.

His background as a consultant includes operating model development, procurement and programme management across a number of disciplines, including IT and digital, health and social care, and finance. Alex also has experience working with the voluntary and community sector within probation and rehabilitative services.

Andy Pack

Andy has over 20 years knowledge and experience in public sector strategic, procurement and financial advisory services.

He is an expert on the development of innovative models for delivering and funding housing, mixed-use and infrastructure developments; and commercial solutions such as joint ventures and local government companies. In addition, Andy specialises in leading the strategic and financial advice to develop the approach to partnership arrangements and leading the procurement of development and investment partners.

Selina Rattu

Selina has worked in partnership with local government clients for the past 5 years, in programme management and strategic commissioning roles.

Her experience includes implementation of alternative delivery models, strategic service reviews across Children’s Services and Adult Social Care, and programme management of complex major programmes.

James Pearson

James has worked in partnership with local government clients to deliver transformational change programmes for the past 4 years.

His experience includes project management roles within Adult Social Care and disaster recovery contexts, implementing savings programmes and setting up services for residents.

Campbell Walker

Campbell specialises in supporting organisations develop and design strategic transformation and change programmes.

His particular areas of expertise are in strategic transformation using demand management and behaviour change techniques, performance improvement, organisational development and change management, including operating model design and financial management.
Campbell is a leading adviser to Local Government and has led a number of improvement and change programmes across local and central government in the UK, overseas and the private sector.

Saheeda Bowmer

Saheeda has a background in project, development and procurement management working predominantly on public sector projects.

Saheeda has been seconded into local government roles to drive forward high-profile projects. She has managed both day-to-day activity and more strategic strands of property programmes. Her experience includes business case and options appraisal, design, planning, procurement and construction within housing, regeneration, culture, heritage, public realm, education and commercial sectors.

Paul Milmore

Paul is a senior digital and technology service management, solutions and delivery professional with a proven track record of transforming businesses and public services to deliver efficiencies and customer value.

He develops and implements enterprise scale technology and digital solutions, and brings a deep understanding of ICT strategy, enterprise scale customer & ERP platforms, cloud and on-premise data hosting, technology procurement and supplier management, and agile product development techniques. He has extensive knowledge and experience of leading ICT delivery teams across all service and support functions, in addition to developing and leading the migration to modern cloud-based technology operating models and SaaS solutions.

Chris Shepherd

Chris has worked with a range of organisations on strategic financial and property issues.

His understanding of the interface between the public and private sector has been the key to his value to some of the largest public sector led developments in the UK. He has developed approaches to new forms of delivery and funding vehicles including the formation of arm's length companies and trading vehicles. He has provided advice on business planning, tax efficient company structures, management and governance, and solvency and risk issues.
Chris was a Non-Executive Director at Hounslow Homes and oversaw the Council's new build programme and the introduction of HRA self-finance and sat on the British Property Federations working group as it sought to influence the implementation of Tax Increment Finance in the UK.

Nicki Cooper

Nicki is an experienced public services consultant with a background in performance improvement, project and programme management, options appraisal and business case development.

She has worked across local government and central government departments supporting the implementation of key policy initiatives and complex programmes involving multiple partners and stakeholders. She has extensive experience of working in joint client teams to develop compelling business cases in line with HMT guidance.

Matt Huxley

Matt is an experienced change professional who specialises in translating innovation into commercial value for public sector clients.

He is a digital enthusiast and recently spent a year working for one of the world’s leading AI providers. He has worked across national and local government, health and the voluntary and community sector. He has led both large and small teams to deliver a range of programmes at director level - transforming the full range of local public services including complex areas like Adult Social Care and integration of local services with Health Services.
Matt is known for high energy, enthusiasm and an ability to build relationships in the most complex of environments, overcoming barriers and driving towards innovation and value.

Rahul Rana

Rahul is an experienced public services professional with a background including service design, change and transformation, and strategy development.

He combines extensive experience of local government with a strong technical skillset developed as a public sector manager and as a management consultant. He has held senior leadership roles at several local authorities and managed teams to deliver service design and transformation programmes. Rahul has a strong understanding of the financial and political context of public services, alongside experience working with clients in local and central government, the voluntary and community sector, higher education, and the police.

Lauren Archer
Operations & Marketing Lead

Lauren is a marketer, copywriter and digital project manager, with over five years experience across a wide range of sectors, including events, research and the arts.

Henry Porter

Henry is an experienced consultant with a background in project and programme management, strategic transformation, and performance improvement across the public sector.

Nick Walford

Nick specialises in offering strategic development and property advice to a wide range of clients looking to conceptualise and implement regeneration and estate change projects.

His work has primarily focused on formulating and implementing real estate strategies and leading comprehensive design teams through property orientated development management advice. Whether acting as Lead Advisor or Development Manager, he understands the specific requirements and interface between both the public and private sectors. His experience includes development and project management, translating business needs and efficiency analysis into real estate strategies, business case and feasibility option generation and appraisal, viability testing, securing planning permissions, property acquisition and disposal, stakeholder engagement and consultation, project programming and implementing procurement and route to market advice. Nick is a Member of the RICS Commercial Property group.

Amy Colver

Amy is a management consultant and project manager, who over the last 10 years has delivered a diverse range of projects. Trained in architecture and surveying, Amy now specialises in financial modelling and appraisals for property development and regeneration schemes.

Amy is passionate about finding solutions and developing innovative products, that meet the client’s needs and optimise performance.

Gary O’Connell

Gary is an expert in building bespoke financial models that underpin a broad spectrum of major public and private redevelopment and regeneration projects.

He specialises in viability and affordability analysis of schemes. He uses his strong understanding of financial statistics to assess multiple delivery structures and run sensitivities on core assumptions to quantify the level of risk associated with different schemes.
He also has extensive experience in modelling portfolio analysis, business rates schemes, revolving funds, and non-development-related viability.

Stewart Thomson

Stewart specialises in helping organisations to develop, design and deliver strategic transformation and digital change programmes, pervasive computing, unified collaboration and communications in Smart Cities, and Distributed Ledger Systems (Blockchain).

His areas of expertise include service introduction, strategic transformation, systems integration, programme or project improvement, and change management, including business case development and implementation planning.