Housing & Development

Helping to create more and better homes

Economic and population growth can be great for a region. But coupled with limited new supply, has left insufficient housing stock, unaffordable for many residents.

Public service organisations are key to fixing this but resources are finite, especially in a world of seemingly ever-increasing cost pressures. Financial, economic, social and sustainability ambitions and commitments can be realized through innovative financing and creative use of assets.

Our team’s expertise spans property, regeneration, funding, financial modelling and public sector accounting. Through this wealth of knowledge, we can advise on:

  • Enabling better use of public sector assets, powers, finances and income streams
  • Viability and feasibility assessments of housing schemes
  • Option studies on alternative solutions to relieve homelessness
  • Innovative approaches to funding – such as how to finance ambitious housing delivery programmes
  • Optimum housing delivery vehicles – companies and partnerships
  • Financially appraising your development portfolios
  • Alternative delivery models and procuring development and operational partners
31ten has played a fundamental role in bringing forward a wide range of housing initiatives that address Barking & Dagenham’s wide and changing housing challenges across tenures and income groups.

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