Cultural Reviews & Improvement

Engaged and empowered employees solve problems best

Culture plays a fundamental role in shaping resident and staff experience, effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery, and reputation of public sector organisations.

By improving employee engagement, you increase ownership, satisfaction and productivity.

Trusted and collaborative environments facilitate effective problem-solving and maximise the collective power of teams.

We work with public sector organisations to establish your baseline – “Where are we now?”, define your ambitions – “Where do we want to be?” and co-design the appropriate interventions and initiatives to answer – “How do we get there?”.

We prioritise comprehensive stakeholder engagement to get under the surface, and role model desired behaviours throughout our engagement. Our approach is built on best practice, applied to local context, and translated using approachable language.

Their challenge was always constructive, evidence-based and despite in some cases being difficult to hear, framed in such a way as to motivate and inspire commitment to the actions required. [31ten] are experts in their field.

Dan Quin, Surrey Fire & Rescue Service

It has been a genuinely collaborative experience working with 31ten as they advocate, and role model the behaviours that are at the heart of our future OD Strategy.

Anisa Darr, London Borough of Barnet

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