Built Environment Cloud-Based System Procurement

The Assignment

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets embarked on a strategic initiative to procure a new system for its Planning, Building Control, and Local Land Charges services. Aimed at replacing outdated legacy systems (Idox Acolaid) which has been in use for the past 3 decades, the project sought to introduce a more integrated, efficient, and user-friendly platform to serve the borough’s rapidly growing and diverse population.

The Role

In the procurement and implementation of the new system for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, 31ten played a pivotal role in several key areas:

Strategic Oversight and Project Leadership: Guiding the procurement process with a clear vision and ensuring alignment with the borough’s strategic objectives.

Procurement Route Advise: Advising the client on best routes of procurement, assessing frameworks.

Needs Assessment and Specification Development: Conducting a thorough analysis of current systems and user needs to develop a detailed specification for the new system.

Market Analysis and Vendor Selection: Evaluating potential solutions and vendors in the market to find the best fit for the borough’s specific requirements.

Contract Negotiation and Management: Ensuring favourable terms and clear expectations were set through robust contract negotiations and ongoing management.

Stakeholder Engagement and Communication: Facilitating a transparent process by regularly engaging with all relevant stakeholders and keeping them informed throughout the project.

Risk Management and Quality Assurance: Implementing strategies to identify, mitigate, and manage risks, ensuring the procurement process meets the highest quality standards.

Our focus on detailed specification development was crucial in ensuring that the final system procured would meet the precise needs of the borough’s Planning, Building Control, and Local Land Charges services, setting a solid foundation for the subsequent implementation phase.

Key Outcomes

Detailed Specification: We produced a comprehensive specification document, ensuring the new system precisely met the borough’s functional and technical needs.

Contract Preparation: Successfully prepared and finalised contracts with clear terms, ensuring a legally sound and beneficial agreement for the borough’s system procurement.

Implementation Project Plan: Developed a detailed plan outlining the steps, timelines, and resources needed for the successful future implementation of the new system.

Compliance and Risk Management: Ensuring that the new system met all regulatory requirements and standards, reducing risks associated with data security, privacy, and operational continuity.

Procurement Publication: Successful publication of tender through the ‘Find a Tender’ single-stage procurement route. Multiple supplier submissions were received through the service.