Developing a Neglect Needs Assessment to tackle intergenerational family challenges

The Assignment

Southend-on-Sea City Council commissioned 31ten to conduct a Neglect Needs Assessment on behalf of the Neglect Sub-Group of the Southend Safeguarding Partnership. The partnership was seeking four objectives from this work: 

  • System-level insight into the causes and trends of neglect and generational neglect in Southend 
  • A strategy for responding to, commissioning of services and monitoring neglect into the future  
  • A review of current interventions, their impact and emerging evidence based on approaches 
  • To look at innovation and opportunities in Southend to improve the outcomes for residents 

The Role

Our needs assessment was conducted across 4 overlapping phases: 

DiscoverThis phase allowed us to introduce ourselves to key stakeholders in Southend and start to gather data. 

DefineThis phase focused on meetings and workshops with a wide range of partners across Southend and an analysis of available data. 

DevelopThis phase focused on reviewing the data gathered and presenting findings back to stakeholders.

Deliver – This phase started to plan Southend and Partner’s response to the findings of the analysis.

Our work involved a mixture of stakeholder interviews, case journey mapping, data analysis, desktop research and collaborative feedback sessions with stakeholders. 

Key Outcomes

We produced a comprehensive report for the Southend Safeguarding Partnership summarising the as-is position and highlighted 18 areas of opportunity. We worked with the team to develop a clear delivery plan with named individuals responsible for taking this work forward in Southend.