Improving performance of a partnering contract

The Assignment

Brighton & Hove City Council entered into a Partnering Contract to deliver some of their Housing Services. This innovative and forward-looking arrangement worked very well in the early years, improving services at a reduced cost.

However, issues developed in the relationship between the two partners resulting in a breakdown in trust.  The Council were keen to bring the contract back onto a more productive footing.

The Role

We were commissioned by the Council to undertake an extensive staff and stakeholder engagement exercise to develop a deliverable and practical action plan to improve the performance of the partnership.

Our consultation covered Members, Senior Officers and staff from the Council as well as the partnering organisation. We considered the structures, behaviours, skills and relationships both within and between the partner organisations and produced a range of evidence-based recommendations across: Strategic Alignment; Culture & Behaviour; Communications; Contract Management; Performance Management; and Workforce. We also developed an indicative task plan with timescales for the period.

Key Outcomes

The client was able to fully understand and learn the lessons, both positive and negative, from the previous seven years of partnership. This supported better outcomes for the remaining life of the partnership but also informed the Council’s vision and requirements for the next contract.