Preparing a business case to address skills and training challenges with a Place & Making Institute

The Assignment

Place and making industries are facing unprecedented resources, skills and training challenges. This can have a detrimental effect on local growth ambitions. To address this Bexley Council, Peabody and London South East Colleges developed a vision for a “world class” Place & Making Institute (P&MI) in Thamesmead:

“a centre of excellence for built-environment related learning, research, innovation and enterprise, bringing together a confederation of learning providers and employers”.

The Role

31ten Consulting were commissioned to work closely and collaboratively to develop a viable and deliverable business case for the P&MI vision. Our role in the project included:

  • Articulation of the vision into key and subsidiary objectives;
  • Collection and collation of demand data for relevant courses in the region. Using industry sources and population growth assumptions we modelled potential demand for the proposed provision at P&MI across various scenarios;
  • Completion of a consultation programme with industry and higher education;
  • Successfully establishing enduring relationships with other key industry stakeholders including specifically the Manufacturing Technological Centre (MTC) from the High Value Manufacturing Catapult;
  • Development of potential and preferred operating models;
  • Development of high-level investment and operating business plans; and
  • Identification of potential funding sources.

Key Outcomes

The review ensure that the P&MI Partnership had a clear way forward which enabled it to plan to deliver the P&MI with comfort that demand exists for such a facility. The risks, challenges and key decisions were made explicit and the aspirations of the P&MI were widely recognised across the relevant industries and the higher education sector. Potential partners for the P&MI were identified and relationships established.


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