Financial viability and modelling

The advice you need to make confident decisions

To make good strategic decisions, you need robust financial information.

Our consultants include property finance professionals, CIPFA accountants, and expert financial modellers. To give you the financial information you need, and to help you understand the viability of your projects, we combine our skills and knowledge with the latest available data and sophisticated statistical techniques. This allows you to model in real-time, giving you greater confidence in your decisions. Our models also help you bring together multiple projects, so you can increase efficiency by cross-subsidising within your scheme.

Through their detailed understanding of housing finance, institutional funding, local authority powers and delivery structures their cutting-edge advice, exceptional financial support and innovative financial tools have helped drive affordable delivery that otherwise would not have happened.
The quality of the financial analysis and modelling is excellent. If you are looking for robust, accurate analysis that can stand up to external scrutiny then I would recommend 31ten.

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